Arrival review – An alien presence provokes us to consider our own world

A thoughtful and provocative adaption of Ted Chiang’s science fiction short novel ‘Story of Your Life’


‘WHY ARE THEY HERE?’ the Arrival poster proclaims and it’s a question that Amy Adams’ linguist Dr. Louise Banks is tasked to answer.
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I, Daniel Blake review – A poetic cry for help

A timely, powerful and urgent look at the harsh realities of modern Britain


I, Daniel Blake is a poetic cry for help that everyone must see. It’s a passionately made film by Ken Loach, one of our greatest political directors, who continues his longterm collaboration with the brilliant naturalistic screenplay writer Paul Laverty. Continue to full review >

Doctor Strange review – A magically surreal adventure into the Strange

Marvel launches an exciting new chapter in their Cinematic Universe with a film role that Benedict Cumberbatch was born to play


Marvel Studios have found just the right balance of humour, action and plotting in this engaging 115 minutes of origin story Superhero fun. Continue to full review >